Mike Pierce

Web project consultant and developer based in Berlin, Germany.

Specialised in content managed applications built on Craft CMS.

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Personal endeavours:

  • Edenspiekermann
    Deputy director of Development since 2019.
  • Someone & Sons
    Co-founder and Technical director of Berlin based web design and development agency, from 2012-2017.

Client projects:

  • Haebmau
    A rebuild and relaunch of this independent Berlin & Munich based communications agency.
  • Coproduction Office
    Cinema production company for ground-breaking, Oscar winning films and directors.
  • Christmas Garden
    A Magical Christmas experience in three cities across Germany.
  • M-sense
    Track your Migraines and learn about your triggers, making it easier to predict and prevent.
  • Till Brönner
    Germany’s premiere, Grammy award winning Jazz Trumpeter.
  • Munch Museet
    The home of The Scream and the rest of the collection of Norway’s most celebrated artist.
  • Oslo Vognselskabet
    Keeping Oslo moving with state-of-the-art trains and trams that zig-zag across the city of Oslo.
  • Back in the Ring
    Giving recovering addicts a second chance through Yoga instruction and community outreach.
  • Wolff Apparel
    Kick-ass fashion for rebel Women who refuse to conform to expectations.


  • Github
    You can find some of my open source contributions by scouring my Github
  • Berlin Craft CMS Meetup
    I founded and am the primary organiser of the Berlin Craft CMS meetup group, meeting monthly to discuss all things Craft.